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Remember to Receive

Remember to Receive Pretty Flower through Miriandra Rota

With all the weather challenges, the flooding and more, I remembered this message from Pretty Flower, one that touched our hearts and gave us a way to help.

Greetings! Greetings, wondrous beings! It is most wondrous that we have this opportunity to speak together once again in this manner. Yes, there have been several occurrences, as you call them, that have left many people suffering. Such occurrences help all to remember that there is much more going on, on this planet. There are geographical occurrences, there are wars, there continues to be what is called genocide, and there is grave poverty.

Bravo for asking what can be done, what any being can do, to assist those ones who are suffering! Though we have spoken in (what is called) the past concerning such topics, we will speak specifically on this day concerning current events and how those who read or hear these words can assist.