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Questions Open Your Mind to Change

Questions Open Your Mind to Change Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. Let’s begin with some questions many ask: “Which is the right way for me? What direction should I choose? How can I find what is right for me?” Does it seem that human experiences are based on questions, and those questions lead to change? The very nature of questions is to prepare the questioner to open to something different in the consciousness. By preparing to be open, you also prepare for change. And so it is that all human experience is about the questions.

Sometimes the answer appears to be a good fit for the question. At other times, the questioner has to ask more questions and might still receive answers that seem ill fitting. Are they truly ill fitting? Is your perspective the correct way to view the process? Perhaps it is not.

When a question is asked, the mind is open to receive. Sometimes there is a great need to receive, such as now, when human beings are going through great challenges. This is a time of turbulence, and the questions human beings are asking are very important. This is not to say they haven’t always been important, but they feel more crucial at this time. There is much to be lost and much to be gained. And within everyone, even those who appear blasé about life, there are deep questions. “What is the way for me? How can I trust what I hear or what I see? How can I find my true direction?”