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Our High-Tech World and the High Cost to Our Well-Being

Our High-Tech World and the High Cost to Our Well-Being Phyllis Light

Life today is vastly different from life only a generation ago. The changes that have taken place bring overwhelming challenges that none of us has ever had to face. Technology has taken over many aspects of modern life, and we have come to accept it as normal.

We can call, text, and even visually connect with our faraway friends and loved ones through our cell phones. We can sit in front of our computers and pay our bills — no need for stamps, envelopes, or a trip to the post office. We can make bank deposits and credit card payments using our smartphones. We can use the Internet to shop, download music, or find out about a restaurant we’re interested in. Technology helps us in countless ways, yet most people are totally unaware of its high cost to our health and well-being.

What happens to our bodies when we sit in front of our computers all day or talk on our cell phones all night? What is happening to us as we are exposed to the ever-increasing number of TV, radio, cell phone, satellite, and microwave frequencies in today’s world? Most people have no clue. But because I nearly died thirty years ago from exposure to all these life-damaging frequencies, I was forced to find and conquer the health enemy that we all face daily.