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Opportunities for Positive Change Accelerate

Opportunities for Positive Change Accelerate Lynn Buess

Power, pride, and the likelihood of pandemonium in the world are highlighted as this month runs its natural (or manipulated) course. When ego, money, and power become concentrated in one place, the probability of corruption reaches heights previously unexperienced.

When egomaniacal personalities get stirred up, wars and rumors of wars arise. A look at who choreographs these tirades reveals a lot about who controls global power. The other side is empowerment. As more people wake up and take social responsibility, the hidden controllers have less of such.

The modified golden rule that “those who have the gold make the rules” is more evident than ever as this cycle takes its course. Acquisition of gold and its displacement are critical in revealing global shifts of power. The concerned will want to carefully monitor the exchange of precious metals and shifts in currency markets. The U.S. banknotes take a further international hit. As accounts, pensions, and retirement funds are confiscated from central bank repositories around the globe, more people will consider alternative forms of tangible assets.