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Medical Intuitive: Be Optimistic to Improve Your Health

Medical Intuitive: Be Optimistic to Improve Your Health Stacey Mayo

I have tightness in my chest, but it’s not a constant issue. When I exert myself, I feel short of breath. When I used to run, if I sprinted and then slowed down, I’d really feel as if I couldn’t get air. Also, I’ve noticed my sinuses are congested, especially in the winter when the air is dry. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, and nothing is helping. What do you see?

— Jimmy

From Stacey: You have deep issues related to being able to enjoy life and thinking that is not possible. “Life is hard” is deeply engrained in your ancestral line, and you’ve had these belief systems for more than forty lifetimes.

The sarcoidosis is throughout your system. To heal this energetically or traditionally requires patience, persistence, and a will to live. Do things you enjoy while healing with a master level healer who feels right for you. Envision things as happening with ease. Trust that this and everything is healable. Shift from sarcastic to optimistic thoughts, such as, “Enjoying life is possible.”