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Live a Healthy and Abundant Life

Live a Healthy and Abundant Life Almine

I tried to practice the laws of abundance, and then I recently lost money I had been saving up for years. Why didn’t I sense something was wrong? I’ve been doing my affirmations for abundance, and in the past, that always worked.

There are four laws of abundance: (1) give that you may get, (2) give with the attitude that money is love without withholding, (3) be self-reliant in creating income strategies, and (4) holding gratitude for what you have increases the flow of resources. You can use a loss as a doorway to receive by realizing the following:

  • You cannot make a hole in the ocean. It must fill itself. There can be no loss that doesn’t fill itself in ample measure.
  • The larger the loss, the bigger the current of supply it generates (law of abundance #1).
  • The laws of the universe refine and evolve as you do. Don’t blame yourself if you manifest an insight with less grace and ease than you’d like.