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The Lightbody Dissolves Abuse

The Lightbody Dissolves Abuse The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

It seems that abuse is an acceptable behavior in parenting all across the world. How does it end?

Lightbody masters, your New Earth, resurrected, and ascended spirit hearts are transmitting and illuminating to the old Earth that all forms of abuse must end for humanity to feel who they are and the connection to their soul spirits. Abuse removal is necessary to ensure the lightbody becomes the norm for the new helix generations. Abuse programming has contaminated every system on your planet and delayed your local universe’s enlightenment for 500,000 Earth years.

Humanity agonizes as to why so many of the old Earth humans act out this abuse trauma on this plane. The cosmos does not abuse or kill its own creations. Your genetics, your environments, and all your life forms have been contaminated by ancestral genetic abuse in all life codes throughout your world.