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Learn Your Soul’s Original Intention

Learn Your Soul’s Original Intention Master Hilarion through Natalie Glasson

I, Master Hilarion, wish to share with you a recent experience from my journeys on the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. I am the chohan and overseer of the fifth ray of light, which is an expression of the Creator’s qualities represented by an orange light. The fifth ray supports soul discovery and enhancement as well as weaves the Divine with science on Earth and the inner planes.

Along with my passion for guiding souls who come from Earth and the Creator’s universe to my ashram, I enjoy traveling the universe to discover more about this Creator energy that is at the core of each being and is labeled the soul. I discover how the soul can be enhanced and how I can guide people to connect on a deeper level with their souls.

I am drawn to areas of the Creator’s universe where light technology is created and experienced. I am always interested in how we can integrate light technology into new developments in science experiments and inventions on Earth. I am especially interested when beings draw on the divine inspiration of the Creator when contemplating science, as this always creates new and unique possibilities for all. All that I discover and connect with, I channel into the fifth ray of light so that others who connect with or visit the fifth ray might benefit from the energy and inspiration.