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The Key to a Joyful Mind

The Key to a Joyful Mind Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Greetings, beloved students, and welcome to another new month. What a remarkable year 2017 is turning out to be! I trust you are all learning a great deal as you observe the evolutionary process unfolding on a planet quivering with unrealized possibilities. As you bear witness to the chaotic birth pangs of the Aquarian Age, may your hearts be anchored in peace, your actions grounded in goodness, and your paths graced with wisdom, clarity, and insight. Indeed, 2017 could turn out to be a year of global awakening.

As planetary transition continues, the stresses and complications of negotiating the “birth canal” between two potent astrological ages can certainly be demanding. As you witness a dying paradigm giving way to a new one, reflections of chaos assault your awareness from nearly every conceivable direction. As you are certainly now observing, in a potent moment of radical disruption, long-standing civilities, social values, and mores seem to be evaporating, leaving only mayhem and disorder in their wake. In the face of such disruptions, polar extremes arise with such ferocity that the so-called middle ground is completely blurred. Thus, we must ask, “When was a spiritual path ever more important?”

From all appearances, what was considered the moral high ground in the Piscean Age seems to have vanished from a significant portion of the social milieu. Indeed, basic respect and truth telling now appear to be at an all-time low as fake news is promulgated and unabashed falsifying rapidly becomes the new norm. Indeed, much of what appears to be playing out in the political environment seems void of compassion, not to mention depth, and flies in the face of spiritual and moral values. Clearly, a spiritual alarm is sounding, but its tonal pitch seems to vibrate outside the frequency band most people are able to perceive.