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Great Expansion Is Possible

Great Expansion Is Possible Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for July emerge with authenticity in the self and others. For this tremendous passion power to come forth in all its rebirthing qualities, you must seek deep within the soul heart to discover the core essence of your inner truth center, the lion heart of inner beingness. Though this may be gleaned through activation and mirroring from others, that inner passion fire can expand and fully express through a deep, intimate relationship with the self, devoid of layers of conditioning or projection, and the expectations and belief systems of friends, family, and society. It is from this deep core that you release and burn away all that is unauthentic to the soul’s pure essence without blame, judgment, expectation, or limitation.

This integrity level is reached and sourced through connection with the Eros, or love energies, pouring from the galactic center of the cosmos via the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, regardless of the physical third-dimensional body you inhabit in this lifetime. In partnership with a figure-8 flow of balanced reciprocity and the rebirth of pure love, the return of Eden on Earth once again becomes possible.

This rebirth energy brings with it many changes and possibilities for expression both within and between the kingdoms of Earth — devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, human, integral, and creator. The responsible and responsive partnership and integration of all facets and aspects of the soul heart fused into the cosmic Adam Kadmon brings with it cocreative relationships that offer depth, passion, and greater soul expressions of the many facets of the jewel of truth that is the human kingdom.