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Every Possible Situation Exists at the Same Time

Every Possible Situation Exists at the Same Time The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first wave of souls who came to Earth. We have shared in previous messages about consciousness in a way that gave the impression that we assumed you know what we mean by the term “consciousness.” However, this might not be the case.

We also have limited abilities; therefore, we cannot oversee all aspects of infinite consciousness. As a consequence, everything we share comes from the perspective of our level of consciousness. This level of consciousness is far beyond your current level.

We can share many expanded aspects of consciousness with you to the degree the channel can translate them into something you can understand. In that way, we can contribute to the expansion of your awareness, the part of the infinite consciousness with which you actively can work. Realize that every being who comes through in any channeling will always have a limited point of view that is determined by the dimension of consciousness at which the being (or beings) vibrates and the unique experiences of that being (or beings) within that being’s consciousness reality.