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Emerge from Insanity, and Enter the Light

Emerge from Insanity, and Enter the Light The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

It is true that people often need a personal version of God to relate to. That is normal and fine unless people require others to embrace that same version of God, and those who do not do so are then considered ignorant or unworthy of friendship or the time of day, as you say.

The Creative Source is the only source that endlessly persists in creating all life. The rest, including Earth, could be viewed as an alternate reality. The Creative Force/Source gave all souls the gift to cocreate their alternate, human, and Earthly realities. The most obvious dilemma on Earth is that if your cocreated life does not harmonize with someone else’s, it creates chaos and problems. But that is the game you set up to play. It is the game that was created when human egos decided they were going to experience whatever they chose and to have what they believed they had to have or they felt human life wasn’t worth living.

Back when humans first arrived on Earth and after your human forms had solidified, you decided that the most important rule of the human game was to determine real from unreal strictly through the five senses. With that stipulation, what was created was an opportunity to experience life mainly through vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. No wonder early man feared everything! Divine intuition was more or less replaced by the five senses. It wasn’t long before nature soon proved to be something to fear because it had the power to destroy and kill with floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and extreme temperatures. That’s when nature became a god to fear on Earth. To this day, nature is feared not because you believe it is “the God” but because people felt at the mercy of Mother Nature. Humanity fears not only Mother Nature but also human nature, which is very unpredictable.