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Embrace Duality to Bring Harmony

Embrace Duality to Bring Harmony Spirit through Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Along the way, you’ll find yourself traveling in pairs for one adventure or another — two minds as one for considering wisdom from more than one angle. You will regard wisdom as valid and good sense from possible opposing views. Wherein lies the truth for you? You can doubt your sanity at times.

What if valid reasoning begins to pile up on both sides? What if you begin to appreciate both points of view? You must remember the duality within with respect for both and acknowledge your inner truths — yes, more than one truth within you.

There can be many minds within, each with valid notions of how to conduct yourself. Don’t create shadow out of one view over another within. Honor both. Love them all if you are considering two or ten (if there are ten). When you acknowledge all angles of inner knowing, you are on the road to creating peace within. It is from self-punishing thoughts that inner turmoil erupts.