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Dream Zone: Recurring Dreams Gently Nudge Behavioral Change

Dream Zone: Recurring Dreams Gently Nudge Behavioral Change Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Last night I experienced a recurring dream of my car’s brakes not working and I continue driving through parking lots and on streets until I figure out a way to stop. I’m sometimes driving backward too! I have this dream every few months.

— Jennifer, 35, Salt Lake City, UT

From Lauri: Recurring dreams are often connected to a behavior pattern or an ongoing issue that is yet to be resolved. Car brakes not working is one of the more common recurring dream experiences. I have it sometimes. Is there a certain behavior you or someone very close to you needs to put a stop to or put the brakes on, so to speak? Is something in your life out of control? Driving your car backward is another clue that tells me you keep having setbacks rather than making progress. Your dream seems to be saying that you are going in the wrong direction and a change of plans is in order.

Jennifer replies: I have been struggling with sticking to a specific diet plan to address my insulin resistance. I have an emotional connection to food and carbs, and recently I can’t get motivated to be disciplined again. I keep having setbacks as I try to figure out the exact amount of carbs my body needs and can handle. Sometimes when I make progress in eating well, it actually sets me back in my weight loss, so it’s frustrating. Thanks for helping me connect the dots!