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Create the Life You Desire

Create the Life You Desire Merlin through Therese Dorer

I invite you to walk with me down a well-trodden path that leads to an enormous oak tree with roots that extend deep into Mother Earth. Above us is an enormous canopy of leaves extending toward the heavens. Sitting under the tree is Merlin. He has a huge smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He winks and gestures for us to sit beside him for a while. As we rest under the tree, we feel peace and joy come over us, and we sink into the support of Mother Earth’s energy.

Welcome, dearest ones. It is good to speak with you today! I ask you to take a big breath in and allow it to reach through your body down to your toes with the intention of releasing your worldly concerns and worries through the soles of your feet.

I have intentionally created this portal for our meeting today. The oak tree is one of my favorite trees on Earth, one that encourages you to grow deep roots of support into Mother Earth. Taking the time to visit any of the tree people and allowing your energy to meld into theirs will support you in many ways. You will feel more balanced, centered, and safe while you walk upon the earth. You will then be more available to receive the support that is there for you as you journey forward.