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Communication in the Modern Age

Communication in the Modern Age Jeshua through David Schock

Indeed, we join you for the joy of joining, for that which might be created in the joining of minds. This is the true definition of holy relationship — the coming together to create out of the awareness of the completion, the overflow, which is the natural state of your beingness. When a mind with love occurs, there is the natural flow of joining and creation.

We come together with you in this way so that ideas can be conveyed and language can be shared that will point you in the direction of something that is not temporary, not subject to the whims and the buffeting of this world. There is something about the eternal nature of what you are and how, as the turmoil in the world increases, the sense of a lasting foundation is harder and harder to find.

How might you find a foundation that is not of this world but the security that it brings can be with you in it? You are playing a rather dangerous game. By that, we mean you have sought to fool your mind about who you are, given that the power of your mind could be perceived as dangerous.