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Channel Your Gift to This World

Channel Your Gift to This World Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Many of you are experiencing an increased feeling of the new dimensional energies approaching your world. I can tell you that spirit guidance from all realms is literally surrounding you, holding the light for your great shift and waiting for you to open the door, pray, meditate, and listen for the answers to your passionate call: “What is happening in our world?”

About 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, the Lemurians went through many of the same energies you are experiencing now. In their great shift, third-dimensional forces of the yin-yang energies did their best to hold on to material wealth, personal power, and control. Fear ran rampant, but the collective consciousness of the lightworkers tipped the balance toward ascension in love, healing, and harmony with Mother Earth.

As the new dimensional energies take a firmer hold on the Earth plane for you now, I ask you, the lightworkers of today, to hold your love strongly. Even though the energy of the next dimension is all around you, you need to go into your hearts to access it. You need to breathe, meditate, and focus on peace, harmony, and love for one another.