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Be Trust in Motion

Be Trust in Motion Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Breathing in creativity expands the awareness that connections are eternal. Each space of a connection holds a dynamic flow of information, and it also provides strength, abundance, and peace.

  • Creativity evolves when you trust that you are and always have been connected to the source of your creation.
  • How you identify with your source of creation is your story that you get to expand in.
  • The choices you make to be creative give you the depth of conversation and awareness that you are one with the source that created you.

Oneness allows the identity to be strength in motion. Oneness says you trust beyond your physical senses to a greater gift of understanding and accepting truths that anchor you as the source of light in darkness. Your identity allows you to trust yourself. This identity of trusting yourself gives you motion to move and to behold the wonderment of love.