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Ask the Angels: he Path to God Is Always Before You

Ask the Angels: he Path to God Is Always Before You Cheryl Gaer Barlow

My brother’s wife gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago. He passed away recently. At the funeral, they both told us that they blame God, and from the moment he took their son, they have refused to have anything to do with anything that pertains to God. They have so much hate for God and anything spiritual. This is really hurting my mother most of all. It’s enough to lose her grandson, but this is more than she can take. What can I do?

— Emma, Cedar Rapids, IA

From the angels: When the soul remembers heaven and longs to return, the cries are heard in the universe. Not all children can adapt to life on Earth. A much-loved child might yearn for the arms of the Lord. The child will wait until the angels allow him or her to return. This is a mighty world to enter. It is a world of turmoil. Life is planned for each soul, and if one is taken, the Father in heaven knows the reason.

Tell the child’s parents that he is one with God. One day they will see the child again and be with him in heaven. Many times a child is born on Earth who is more comfortable in heaven. When this occurs, the soul of the child cries out to return. When the soul begs, we angels want to help. Even if the father and mother love the child deeply, it might be time to leave Earth. Would we wait to lift him when he is grown when all he needed was to come to Earth? A soul might only need to be born on Earth to know it’s not necessary for his growth.