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Allow Divine Clarity

Allow Divine Clarity The Ascended Masters with the Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

Today you have asked us to speak about memory. Humans are using memory to hang on to their wounds, hold on to their disappointment, and validate their unhappiness. This is no longer needed. If you use memory in this way, your memory will leave you as a gift. If you have been hurt in the past and if you don’t carry grudges but your memory is still fading, we say to you, disengage from your own memory in that way, allowing yourself to be “forgetful” or to not know where you are. For example, when you step out to the garage, you don’t remember what you were looking for. When you get up from your desk and walk to the kitchen, you know you went to get something, but you have no idea what. These are functions of some types of memory loss.

Assuming that you have made your proper 3D responses to these circumstances, we offer to you that unhooking from your memory is a gift. If you will allow us, we will replace your 3D memory with your 5D memory. This is a proactive step to claim that you could be a clear channel to the Divine. This channel has often announced that she is a clear channel to the Divine. In the past, she did not allow herself to say such a thing, as you probably would not, for fear of coming across as arrogant or ego centered. However, when someone in her inner circle announced this, she heard the sound of truth, and in so doing, she accepted it.

You can choose this for yourself and say, “I am a clear channel to source. I am asking to remain a clear channel from source. I am asking to receive a clear connection to the divine mind of God so that when I am in conversation or thought and cannot remember what I am doing or what I was supposed to be doing or what I was going to say, I accept the pause and notice that I can shift my link to my divine self, and the rest flows.”