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Shamanic Wisdom: To Live in a Responsible Community

Shamanic Wisdom: To Live in a Responsible Community Jan Engels-Smith

As a spiritual and community leader, I receive many questions about how to build community and how to help people thrive. I have presented in this short article the components of a thriving community. You are free to use this template for your own dreams of community.

I share this with you to inspire, illuminate, and guide you through helpful steps in this creation process. I believe that the more people strive to create healthy communities, the more they will directly influence the world in a positive way.

A healthy, strong community is many things — a school and a healing center with thriving, healthy members. Your vision can include a statement similar to LightSong’s: “LightSong is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.”