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The Restoration of Earth’s Ley Lines

The Restoration of Earth’s Ley Lines Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We have come to share with you the new occurrences that are transpiring on your world. For the remainder of this year, there will be an energy transformation of the ley lines that work on your planet to keep its orbit and gravity in balance, bringing greater emotional well-being to those who reside here.

Many of the ley lines, which create a matrix to maintain the planet’s energy fields, will be reenergized or, in your way of thinking, healed. This world grid’s focal points in Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa, and Japan will function better. Unfortunately, we cannot restore these areas to their original states of function, but this restructuring will help you all a great deal.

Reenergizing the Northern Hemisphere

There have been many events in recent history that have disrupted the energy conductors throughout your planet. These disturbances started when atom bombs were set off during recent wars. It is unfortunate that your governments decided to create such machines that could so disrupt the energy flow of this world. We know that those who created them were not thinking of the injury they would cause Earth. This is one of the main reasons why your world has experienced continual emotional disruptions expressed as war and destruction since the time of the Second World War.