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Ignoring the Suffering of One Being Hurts All Beings

Ignoring the Suffering of One Being Hurts All Beings Documentarian through Robert Shapiro



It is my job to keep track of anomalous planetary cultures, especially when they are going through some kind of upheaval, whether it is the planet itself or the dwellers upon it. The circumstances of your planetary culture are on the threshold of being able to move away from a pattern of self-destructiveness. The planet itself is not self-destructive, but the people — the humans, the predominant population, meaning walking on two legs — are. The people are attracted to their natural state of being, which is a benevolent state: peaceful, calm, loving — in other words, your natural state of being.

When people find themselves on your planet, with all of its cultural problems, most (not all, children do not think of it, and for the most part, many beings don’t — but most, meaning more than half) want to get back to their natural state of being as quickly as possible. That is why any great effort to lengthen lifetimes is ultimately — in your now situation on your planet — likely to be largely unsuccessful, other than what you have accomplished so far to ease the burden and provide better health, which is well done there.