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Harmonize the Head and the Heart

Harmonize the Head and the Heart Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Layers and layers of deep emotional soul wounds from all times, spaces, and dimensions will percolate into mass consciousness as belief portals rapidly open and close in succession this month. The collective PTSD in the human psyche vie for attention to be healed, integrated, forgiven, and transformed.

Each human will need to seek truth, authenticity, and honor to ease power struggles between head and heart. The old Piscean structures and frameworks will dissolve from the collective consciousness, and as they are washed away by deep emotional cleansing, there will be tremendous healing, release, and rebirth. Some will choose to make this transition within their current 3D bodies. Others will opt to let go of their current human embodiment to leave the 3D world behind.

Each member of the human kingdom will deeply connect to his or her star god/goddess origins, as was done in days of old within the pyramids of Giza and other ancient sites. You will each have to choose whether to return to earthly life or to depart into celestial realms to continue your experiences there.