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Find Beauty in All Seasons of Life

Find Beauty in All Seasons of Life Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Human minds have a tendency to worry about the aging process of the body, especially today. We would like to help you to look at aging as something beautiful and purposeful.

Most of you likely feel your fiftieth birthday is the first real day of old age and when you should start to sort out your feelings about the changing stages of your body. Do you see those changes as positive? If not, discover why. You live in a world where ego sensationalism has a tendency to become your only source of self-esteem, and your inner sustenance gets fed by the flattering attention to perceived good looks, body build, talent, and success. Too many feel void of these characteristics, so they allow their human egos to give and receive the suffering that comes from guilt, shame, and debilitating anxiety.

There is a way to get off the ego train with honor, dignity, and integrity. By activating your inner soul-awareness, you can realize that what you might perceive as unwanted body changes are only taking place through what you choose to focus on based on the world’s perception of what is disappointing.