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Discernment Is the Key

Discernment Is the Key Lynn Buess

This is a time to recognize and put aside dogma, rhetoric, and propaganda. The key is discernment. Religious, social, and quasi-political spokespersons have long trained for this moment to stir the polarized masses into a frenzy. Through inner connection and finely tuned discernment you can protect yourself from becoming further enmeshed in the global confusion. A new world is being born, but it will take time for it to be seen on the physical plane. It is in the hearts and souls of the awakening and aware new humanity.

Putin remains vigorously assertive about protecting Russian’s sovereignty from intrusion of globalist cartels. This means, among other things, more discord in the Middle East, further inflaming Islamic extremism to reach the shores of the United States. Iran’s position is key to turning discussions from aggression. Expect major changes in Israeli politics. Egypt will reappear as a major player in the Middle East crisis. Decisions made in Indonesia at this time will have repercussions in the near future. Social activism in China picks up.

Unexpected revelations and disclosures will throw a monkey wrench into the U.S. elections, taking the presidential race in a completely unforeseen direction. Global politics will go through similar dramatic changes as rhetoric becomes further contested and fuels rumors of war. Financial chaos will reach the masses and add to the stress of readjusting markets.