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Build Your Destiny on Truth

Build Your Destiny on Truth Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

I gaze at the reflection of a white-domed building on a still pond of water. I set my eyes on this structure before me, a huge dazzling jewel of ivory marble. As I stare at the reflection, a stone is thrown into the pond, and the image is broken into a thousand pieces. I turn to see who threw the stone; it is Master Kuthumi, who is smiling at me and dressed in white with a turban on his head and warm, loving eyes.

Greetings to all who read these words. I come forth today with the image of the reflecting pond as a metaphor for your journey of life and the lessons you can learn on Earth. Today I would like to speak of fear on your planet. You are familiar with fear and all its many forms, including hate, greed, doubt, worry, and grief. You can use fear to move forward and to embrace the lessons you have chosen to learn in this incarnation on Earth.

First, I want to congratulate you for choosing to come to this planet at this auspicious time, a time of great change, a time of upheaval and uncertainty. This brave choice has not gone unnoticed; you have the support of all of us here on this side of the veil. We support your journey forward as a human having the earthly experience and as a spirit who is eternal.