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Awake to the Energy of the Fourth Dimension

Awake to the Energy of the Fourth Dimension Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

In love and humble Goddess light, here is a message for the human world: The higher vibrations of the new dimensional light are taking hold on your planet now. This great shift to a new focus of love is an event that infinite soul lights longed to be present for, and you got the ticket, so to speak. I pray you feel the love in that statement. You chose to be here at this most remarkable time on Mother Earth.

Navigate Your Way through the Energies

Even with the higher frequencies making inroads on Earth, there are still many pockets of third-dimensional energy that must be released. Many of you might see this disheveled energy — in political bickering, financial chaos, or Earth changes — and feel pulled into it. For example, you may feel the need to argue a point or to convince others that they are wrong. I ask you to rise above it.