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Assist Earth with Your Expansion

Assist Earth with Your Expansion Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Good morning to you, my dear enlightened ones. How exciting it is to be with you. I realize excitement is a human experience, so let me say I am here in great love and I enjoy being with all of you, aspects of myself. There is a reason why in the central pillar we have Jesus and Buddha. The reason is that they are two men. Yes, I know the theology surrounding the one that you call Jesus, and he was very special as a man and as a human being, as was the Buddha.

Jesus came from poverty, though his family had exactly what they needed. Buddha came from great wealth. You have heard it said that it is very difficult for the wealthy to find the face of God, yet the Buddha succeeded. How? He found it by detaching himself from all his wealth as a young man. He was astounded when he saw people in poverty and in great distress.

Jesus ministered to people in great distress — people who needed healing, people with distressed souls. Some may have been wealthy, but they had distressed souls. There were some so attached to the physical manifestation of wealth that they were not able to hear his words and move to see the face of God.