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Ask the Angels: Make the World a Place You Want to Live

Ask the Angels: Make the World a Place You Want to Live Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From Cheryl: I want to thank all the readers for the wonderful letters and sympathy cards sent to me. Many describe almost identical dream visitations and feelings from their loved ones who have passed on and are still with them, overlooking their lives. These have meant so much to me.

From Jack: I’ll share the words of the angels. In every way possible, they tell secrets of the universe, which you might have wondered about. They calm emotions. They show ways of expression of your individuality. They explain anything you ever wondered about.

Angels are sparkling, glowing light energy. They hold the light of God, not just their own light. This light of God gives them supernatural abilities. They can do just about anything, not only here but on all worlds and all places. They radiate love and tenderness.

Many angels surround each soul to help in any way needed. You cannot be without this love. It’s everywhere. This is more wonderful than anything I could have ever imagined.