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Akashic Answers: Connections to Egypt

Akashic Answers: Connections to Egypt Amanda Romania

Dear Amanda,

I saw the photos of your recent Egypt trip, and my heart almost stopped when I saw you at the high alter of Isis. Is it possible I have a past-life connection to this holy space?

— Ursula, UK

Dear Ursula: You absolutely do, and I know this because of the way you describe this space as holy to you. The temple at Philae is a sacred space you connected to when you were a priestess there many lifetimes ago. I feel this was around the times of the Pharaohs, especially Cleopatra VII, the most famous of the Egyptian queens.

In my visions, I have seen you dancing and happily offering daily rituals to the energy of Isis. I saw you participating in the divine rite of passage connected to the initiation of the priestess. I saw the sacred white dove and ankh close to your heart chakra.