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Your Life Purpose

Your Life Purpose Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Greetings, precious ones. We celebrate you always, for you bring passion to all that you do, holding vividness as you sculpt your life in your daily rhythms of being. You are mighty, you are loved, and you are all in one.

Healing Karmic Patterns of Pain

Your placement here is no accident but rather part of a holy design cocreated with the Holy Spirit to bring love of all to the anchor of creation with all elements within the human form, which we hold as your holy temple of awareness. You come into your physicality, your holy temple, to work out, to work with, and to work through opportunities of deeply understanding your power in creation, your power in love, and your power as the oneness of God.

Each time you come in, you are here in the holiest purpose to remember, yes, that you are a holy child of absolute love, that you cannot deny yourself what you are. You cannot deny yourself love. When you deny yourself love, the pain you inflict on yourself and others becomes your karmic pattern to heal. Yes, you do come back to heal that karmic pattern, for you did create that karmic pattern of pain. So only you can heal that karmic pattern, and you seek to do it as often as you can, for you know that when you heal all karmic patterns of pain, you are complete. The complete awareness of absolute love that you are will shine to all, and in that holy moment, all will be forgotten, and all illusions will shatter in your placement of how pure you are in love, which will resound eternally.