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You Are the Perfect Imperfection of God

You Are the Perfect Imperfection of God The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. It is such a joy to be with you, to see you in a new way, for all of you have stepped into a new energy. Every single person on planet Earth has moved to the new level. We are so proud to watch you, because we are all part of you. You think of us as separate, you think of us as higher, as different, as better in many ways. Dear ones, when you come Home, you will realize who you are. You will re-member the nature of why you came to Earth in the first place. Please understand that you chose to wear this veil; you wanted to play this game of hide and seek. You are god hiding from himself, searching for herself. And you have been very successful at it.

So please understand that there is no wrong here. You have set things into motion in the most beautiful ways, and now you will start to reap these benefits.

Letting Your Channel Come Through: the Keeper's Story

We wish to bring this to your attention today because there are so many new pieces that are now available to humans. We tell you that many of these pieces were hidden in your past; many showed up in your science fiction and in movies of creative writers who thought that they were making something up when, in fact, they were channeling the future. They were channeling energy that we were sending to many of them, for that is the nature of what the Keeper calls channeling. He focuses in such a way that he channels the group.