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Wisdom from the Data Streams

Wisdom from the Data Streams Waymas through Abby Isadora Haydon

We have come to speak again about the new types of understanding that will be coming through the minds of those of you who are open to receiving it on this planet. We wish to define these sources of knowledge as data streams. They may be thought of in this way because they are really bundles of information that will be coming to the planet. You may wish to conceive of them as tubes of encrypted information that have been sent from other galaxies throughout this universe.

Data streams are an advanced concept that has been developed by very sophisticated civilizations. They have been used for countless centuries as a way of communing with other planets and the beings residing therein. You may wish to think of this concept as a telephone that can connect to the minds of humans here. Information comes through the data streams to any and all able to receive the information and decipher it.

The data streams come from many types of beings. There are several advanced cultures on different planets that send information in continual streams. It is really hooking into, or locking on to, the signal that is sent through the data streams that makes it possible to receive and interpret them. Some of you on this world are able to receive information already. These are the people you call channels or intuitives. They can decipher the data streams and put them into their own languages. The person conveying this message is one such individual.