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Who You Believe You Are versus Who You Really Are

Who You Believe You Are versus Who You Really Are The Ancient Ones through Miriandra Rota

We are the Ancient Ones, and we would like to speak with you about this process that you are currently experiencing during your journey within physicality. The process is one of leaving behind, of letting go. Well now, let us speak of exactly what you are letting go of, exactly what you are releasing, and more so, where you are placing your new steppings, even if you are not yet conscious of the new steppings.

You have heard again and again the phrase that you are emerging into a new manner of living, this phase of your journey that some are calling a new dimension and others are calling the new awakening. We would like to assist you in becoming a little clearer about exactly what this new phase or dimension or awakening means to you personally. After all, everything is occurring within you before it manifests outwardly into your physicality.

While perhaps you are thinking that you are letting go of old ways and perhaps you are thinking that this emergence requires you to surrender your identity or your focus and purpose in life's journey, the truth remains that the letting go, the surrendering, is not something that you decide.