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What's Your Next Choice?

What's Your Next Choice? Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Greetings. It is wonderful to commune with you once more. As the energies are drawing humankind to be more aware of polarities, many of you, during the rest of this year, may have to battle with others who you see as completely opposite of or different from yourselves.

For those of you who are too passive, you will be called on to become strong and take action. For those of you who are dominant, you may be required to experience the opposite and become dependent on others to help you.

During the coming months, all relationships will be tested. Many will fuse together more tightly and learn to work harmoniously, but others might come to reflect on the need to let go so that new opportunities can be grasped. The rest of this year brings a lot of changes, and your ability to adapt will determine how positive or negative those changes will be.