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What Really Happened with Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

What Really Happened with Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

The recent validation by scientists of a scrap of papyrus that has the words "Jesus" and "my wife" on it is raising questions for many people about whether Jesus was married. At the same time, I have received a number of questions from people who want to know what really happened in your and Jesus's incarnations 2,000 years ago, such as: Were you married? Were you sexual? Did you have children? What happened to your children? Did Jesus survive the crucifixion? Was Jesus born through immaculate conception? Is Jesus buried in Israel or France or India?

In your communications to me, you have chosen to say very little about your own and Jesus's lives. I have understood this as an intentional choice on your part to focus on human beings in the present time and how you can help us to grow. I have been comfortable with that because I feel deeply fulfilled by my present-time connection with you and the tremendous gifts you've offered to help me and others in our lives. But I feel other people's desires to know what actually happened with you and Jesus, and this stirs up something in me. I feel torn; I want to contribute to people's peace and understanding, and I also feel reluctant to enter into this whole arena of saying what is true, somehow sensing that it may not be the path I'm meant to take. Can you help me with this?

Blessings, dear sister. I can feel the turbulence in your heart of wanting to understand something that is confusing to you. I would like to help you and will do my best to bring clarity and peace to what you have asked. Of course, this is a huge topic, so I may need to address it in more than one session. We will see how far we can get with it today.