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Understand the Nature of Healing

Understand the Nature of Healing Archangel Raphael through Sharon Taphorn

Let us talk this day about the true nature of healing in all of its glorious aspects to open your hearts and your minds to broader concepts, love, and (of course) healing. Let us begin by thanking the hardworking healers out there in all the different modalities, especially those who are constantly seeking more and looking for better ways. It is not an easy path to be a healer, yet it is greatly rewarding.

Healers as Energy Channels

Love truly is the key to any healing. The healing is the channel of love from the Creator, pure and simple. And when you get out of the way of any beliefs that are otherwise and release the need to control the outcome from that of the ego self, you are then able to provide the energy that is necessary for the ones who need it to heal. The healers are the ones who create the energy in order for the healees to heal. As a healer, you are not truly doing the healing, although you are a most important aspect of it as the channel of the energy. It is up to the healees to decide to take what is being offered, to accept the gift of healing and do the steps that are necessary to create that themselves in this life. To give the energy unconditionally and to allow others to accept it unconditionally is the healing.

Stop taking responsibility for your clients' healing. Release any expectations other than providing love. Give the best you can give in the highest of love, and then know that you did the best that you could. Show them the path, help them to find balance, and teach them another way. It is not up to you to make their journey, nor can you, no matter how much you wish you could. Do not take on the issues or dramas of others; it is theirs to unfold.