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Soul Communication, Part Two

Soul Communication, Part Two Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This afternoon, we will call this message part two of "Soul Communication." Yesterday ["Soul Communication, Part One"] was filled with instructions on how Spirit might communicate with you and other energies on the planet, which are nonlinear and perhaps even multidimensional. In that message, we spoke to you instructionally about you communicating to the others. We even mentioned who the others are.

This entire subject is bigger than you think. There will come a day when science will acknowledge that the planet is literally filled with life force that is invisible, and some of it even has a form of consciousness. At that time, they will reassess what is "alive" and perhaps even have a redefinition of life itself. Yesterday, we discussed how to communicate with many of these energies, and there was a great deal to discuss. Today, it's more personal.

You've come here today to see how you can improve yourself spiritually, but the teaching goes beyond that. It may reveal things you didn't see before. Soul communication can also be defined as "you with you." Therefore, the subject is also "getting in touch with your own divinity." Is it not true, dear ones, that the entire purpose of today's lesson is how to get in touch with the nonlinear parts of yourself? That is soul communication.