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Simply Be in Appreciation

Simply Be in Appreciation Amma through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. If you go by time, which is your creation, you began as a spark within my womb eons ago. You accepted the call to experiment with what it would be like to be an aspect of the Source, living apart and believing you were separate. Since you have done this, you have beheld wonders. You have traveled dimensions. You have traveled galaxies. You have traveled universes.

Religious Communities

I would like to touch on three topics for this message that will be read in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, depending on where you live. The first topic is about religion and similar communities, including your forgetfulness about who you truly are and the effects of these types of communities. Because you came from oneness, you have an innate desire to connect with other people. You have a drive within you to join with others in both love and accomplishment. You also have within you the innate desire to rejoin the oneness.

Before there was organized religion, there were gatherings of people who came together in celebration of all of creation. Their hearts and their souls were open to the beauty of nature and the wonder of who or what created it. They were able to see the light that enlivened everything in the animals, the plants, and in others. Natural leaders and organizers came forth. Joy abounded. Cooperation was primary as cooperation was necessary to live.