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The Shrinking Disparity of Opposites

The Shrinking Disparity of Opposites Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

This is Papa Juan, and we are present with you through all your life and death cycles, and through your joys and trials, through your wars and times of peace, through your travels and expansions. You are a loved and cherished species. You are unique to the universe and bring an inimitable and exciting view of life to all of us who observe you.

Today we would like to present the topic of dichotomy, contrast, contradictions, and separation. My channel was recently reading an article written by a Christian woman who has an interesting perspective that my channel had forgotten is a very mainstream mentality in Christian circles. Since some are still in this mentality, we wanted to clarify for you the ideas of good and evil, of heaven and hell, of black and white, and of God and the Devil. Some of you already know where we are heading with these topics, but we want to pursue these ideas again since some are still in conflict with them.

We need to create a solid framework to help your understanding, so let us contemplate, for a moment, the idea of opposites. When we consider what this may mean, we think of opposing sides as being completely different or the reverse of each other. Cognitively, you imagine them to be so disparate that the opposites have nothing in common.