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Shamanic Wisdom: Divining Your Future

Shamanic Wisdom: Divining Your Future Jan Engels-Smith

A shaman conceptualizes and relates to life from a perspective that is different from ordinary reality. The shaman sees life in all things — even those things we consider inanimate — and perceives that all things are closely interrelated and interdependent. This view of unity and wholeness in existence defines the web of life with which the shaman interacts.

The shaman learns to read the signs of life and understands how every action, every word, and every emotion reverberates through the web and influences all of existence. This metaphysical understanding of reality allows the shaman to see deeper and more profound meaning in what others might fail to see.

Early Divination

What does the future hold for me? From the dawn of time, people have asked themselves that question. They sought answers from shamans, seers, or oracles. They scanned the clouds, watched birds, examined weather patterns, searched moon or sun anomalies for significant patterns, or sought messages seeking guidance for what is to come.