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The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body

The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body Isis through Rae Chandran

In the womb, at the beginning of our lives, we were nothing but geometrical forms. All life forms — trees, plants, and animals — began as spheres. The ovum in the human body is also a sphere. For conception to take place, the ovum must be saturated with hundreds of sperm, and a few must come together.

Then cells begin to divide, forming another sacred geometrical symbol: the vesica piscis. At that exact moment, the reality of all the light of the universe is transmitted into that sacred geometrical form. With further multiplication of cells, another geometrical form begins to manifest: the tetrahedron. This is called the egg of life. Within this tetrahedron, eight core cells are created, and these core cells remain within us at the base chakra, unchanged from birth to death. These eight cells resonate with sound, music, water, sacred geometry, and the elements.

The human body contains eight sacred geometric shapes, formed at birth, that remain throughout its lifetime.