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Reclaiming Your Power

Reclaiming Your Power Jesus through Virginia Ellen

From Virginia: Our power is gained when we speak the truth. Our words are more powerful than we realize. To really be free and reclaim our power, we are called to speak the truth. This can be very challenging at times. Often, we are afraid of rejection or hurting another's feelings. We may be fearful of starting an argument or disagreement with another.

When we don't speak the truth, we unconsciously create ways to deal with our unexpressed emotions. Withholding our feelings leads to separation and feelings of anger, blame, and guilt.

How to Regain Your Power

If you are not ready to express your feelings and truth, I recommend that you begin to write them. During this process, you will get to know yourself deeply. When you are ready and in a very private place, speak the truth aloud, letting the feelings come to the surface. When you are in touch with the feelings, surrender any hurt, anger, resentment, or fear.