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Prophecy and a Balanced Path to the Future

Prophecy and a Balanced Path to the Future Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In the realm of spiritual communication, there are several types of messages. As spiritual beings, often we seek to instruct. Within the instruction, we always attempt to include encouragement, which is the second form of message. There is a third form of message that we do not often engage in, and that is the work of prophecy, or the act of looking into the future.

The primary reason we do not use this form of messaging is that the energy of the times is very changeable now, and there is no clear future path in sight. We do see certain markers, things that are very likely going to occur at specific moments in time. The details, however, do not come easily, for every choice being made by humanity today is altering the patterns that, in the past, allowed for a clear vision of the future.

A second reason we do not use this method of communication is that it is easily misunderstood and tends to set people off balance in their lives. Many react with fear and seek some governmental structure, philosophical method, or organized religion to gain a feeling of safety or security. By following this pattern, they are usually placing themselves outside the opportunity for true spiritual growth.