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The Power of Consciousness: Broadcasting a New Frequency

The Power of Consciousness: Broadcasting a New Frequency Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

From Star: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "I have a dream," and his message to us now is: "I have a dream for Earth and her people, and when you can see it, you become an active participant in the creation of a new way for humanity!" Many people are feeling so insignificant that they are overwhelmed by the immensity of the problems that they can see on Earth now. They feel hopeless, helpless, and incapable of making a meaningful change.

The beings of light are saying, "Our message to you is that consciousness is everything. People do not need to travel to foreign lands to try to make changes 'out in the trenches' of what is going on. Now, there will be those who feel called to take this type of action and do these things, and you know who you are. But the rest of you need to know that you are making a huge change just by the power of your consciousness."

The Challenging Pace of Change

The rapid pace of events and the constant changes occurring on Earth are affecting all of us in our personal lives by creating the constant challenge of releasing old patterns of thought and behavior as well as creating new strategies for adapting to these changes. Lady Portia and Saint Germain brought the message last year that this was going to happen in order to give us the opportunity to break up the old, nonbeneficial habits and patterns that we have established within ourselves and our daily routines. Those are the habits that often become stubborn obstacles to our further growth and evolvement.