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Opportunities for Expansion and Growth

Opportunities for Expansion and Growth Donna Taylor

July is a big month, astrologically speaking — and not just because Jupiter changes signs, which is something that only happens once a year. I'll talk about this shortly, but let's start with the good news that Mercury turns direct on July 2, which should make life easier for lots of people. If you had a recurring problem in June and are still wondering when it will ease, the answer is anytime now. This is particularly applicable to those niggly problems that aren't life threatening in their severity, just irritating, draining, and frustrating. If you've had any of that recently, July should be a breath of fresh air.

Astrological Aspects Push Us to Break Free in July

Hot on the heels of Mercury resuming forward motion is a rather volatile alignment featuring Mars, Pluto, the Sun, and Uranus. This is where egos could get out of hand if we're not careful, and it's the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) once again that are most likely to feel this particular dynamic. What's really being asked of us is to break free from our conditioning — to question why we do things and whether what we are doing or going along with is really in our best interest. This applies as much on a global and political level as it does personally, so now is a good time to really question the decisions being made for us and to stand up for what we believe in.

This time is about finding and expressing our true colors; it may even be about finding our own tribe and having the courage to walk away from that which doesn't reflect who we are. The story of the ugly duckling is a good analogy of this particular theme being played out in the heavens right now. So if you don't feel right, perhaps in your work, with your friends and social life, at your home, or in your relationships, then this is the time to be brave and make a move toward that which you resonate more strongly with. It's as if we are being called to find where we belong and to slot ourselves into the relevant group.