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A Loving Reminder: You Are God

A Loving Reminder: You Are God Simion through Amariah Mara

To truly love and share unconditionally with the world, you must firstly accept, love, and share with your own being. Opening to and trusting your own light is the only way to find that pure love and self-acceptance that will radiate to others. You are not only the physical being you see in the mirror. That material form is only an expression of your soul. Love what you choose to express in this world, and appreciate that you have much to share.

Being overly attached to a physical image or personality gets you caught in your own shadow web. Learn to appreciate the unique expression that you reveal and what you have to give from your heart.

Accept Yourself

Decide right now that you will accept where you are right now and who you are in this dimensional form. Make a decision that you will share the truth of your soul. Acknowledge that you are not solely the image you have presented to yourself and others and that you are not separate from the world around you. Accept that you are integrated in the web of life, and love yourself for your part.