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Karmic Seeds

Karmic Seeds Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Tremendous cosmic vibrations pour into planet Earth and all who inhabit it during your month of July 2014. The heart of the cosmos is wide open and linked fully with those open to receiving loving guidance and communication as the human kingdom sees clearly its Achilles' heel, where the soul wounds received long ago require healing. Miracles abound for those willing to accept and receive them as the bridge across the chasm of fear the human kingdom created eons ago widens, bringing more and more members of the human kingdom across and releasing them from their self-inflicted imprisonment.

The karmic seeds planted by each member of the human kingdom in tandem lives shall facilitate the harmonious balance that is possible for all living beings when accepted. All experiences in all lifetimes may be integrated now for this quantum leap that stretches the imagination, psyche, soul, spirit, body, mind, and emotion. Everyone and everything is expanding outside its comfort zone to experiment, discover, create, connect, communicate, and heal from deep in the soul heart. The cosmic mother of all creation and her consort share great wisdom in regard to opportunities for expansion and new ways to bring about change that is aligned with what is in the wisest interest of all living energies throughout the cosmos.

New directions, options, and choices of life, light, and love may be envisioned. Seeds were planted of these visions, anchoring them into the physical Earth plane and communicating the passion for all life and all living beings. This cooperative harmony is possible through thoughts, words, deeds, actions, prayers, meditation, and interaction with those seeking alternative ways of being outside of fear. Vibrationally, it is like dropping a pebble into the center of a huge lake. The ripple effect flows out touching everything and everyone in its path.