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Expansions of the Light of the Soul as Creation Expands

Expansions of the Light of the Soul as Creation Expands Oneness of Universal Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

The consciousness of Earth's existence has entered a powerful time when the forces of Genesis are at work in Earth's and humanity's evolution of consciousness. The light of infinite oneness is permeating your existence now. The dimensions of light available on the planet that exist here in the spectrums of light and the frequencies of harmonic light and sound are new in creation.

Creation itself is expanding, because your world is a source of life. Earth is the cosmic mother, mother of universal oneness, and she calls that light to her womb and births it forth into the manifest dimensions of the Earth plane. That means that every dimension that exists on this planet and every plane of consciousness is receiving and transmitting the new light of creation. You breathe it, your cells receive it, and it is illuminated from the solar source to Earth. It is radiant, for the spectral-light frequencies of the Sun are generating the genesis solar frequencies.

You, the children of light, are the ones who have come to awaken the consciousness of humanity. You are aware of the power of divine synchronicity in your lives. Spirit has tested you in many, many ways, and you have stepped forward with sincerity to serve the highest good for your planet and for the future of Earth.